Facade cleaning

Did you know that facade cleaning can be easier than ever?! 

iCare offers modern method for fast, easy and safe facade cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of blinds and etalbond with IONIC SYSTEM. 

How does the ionic system work?

  • The long carbon telescopic poles allow to be extended up to a height of 12 m
  • With our pure water cleaning system we enable the removal of dirt from glass and other facade surfaces without the use of chemical cleaning agents
  • We save time and cost, as well as we guarantee high qiality of the service 

For whom is facade cleaning appropriate? 

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial buildings 
  • Private homes with hard to reach windows and blinds 

The combination of different facade cleaning methods is possible if necessary. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +359 884 644 444 and info@icare.bg