Child Care

Monthly Package 4 visits

60lv. 4 Visits (240 lv.)
Child care four times per month

Package Weekend

70lv. 2 Visits (140 lv.)
Child care during the weekend evenings

Daily Child care

iCare offers professional hourly care for your child. Within the 4-hour period, we strive to select the right activities and games, depending on the age and period of development in which the child is, while at the same time comply with his/her interests and attitude as well as your requirements.

Rely on us to take care of your kids while you are enjoying or to do that you usually have no time for. 

In case you need a daily care for your child, do not hesitate to contact us on 0884 644 444 or send us Email: 

The prices are valid for taking care of one kid with VAT incl. 

The right time for you

Choose the time period , within which you would like to be visited by our housemaid.

Fast service

Within the selected package we are going to clean your home according to your needs and requirements with detergents and materials provided by you.

Personal choice

In case you are not satisfied with your housemaid job, you have an option to replace her with another one.